Foscam R2 1080P HD Wireless Security

Foscam R2 1080P HD Wireless Security Camera (CCTV 1920TVL / IP Camera 2MP) – WiFi Home Security Camera System with iOS/Android App, Pan, Tilt, Zoom, 2-Way Audio, Motion Alerts, and More (White)


awesome Foscam R2 1080P HD Wireless Wellbeing Camera (CCTV 1920TVL / IP Camera 2MP) – WiFi Home Wellbeing Camera System with iOS/Apparatus App, saucepan, Roll, Zoom, 2-Way Audio, Motion Alerts, and Extra (White) Description

You recognize what you call for from a WiFi wellbeing camera: to make sure the protection of your home, family, pets, before affair. You aspire the ability to pause connected to what you vex about: to live watch before confirmation what’s experience, I don’t know with the aid of scheduling functions before maybe through simple save pro powerful motion trigger and smart alert facial appearance. You also call for the recordings to be smooth and clear so that the confirmation is really useful, and so you don’t have to struggle to discern the honest points of a vista. You aspire the facial appearance you call for at the peak feature, lacking extras you don’t call for. In additional words, you aspire full scale over your strip manner (HDD/SD/NVR/Cloud), and you aspire to spend only pro what fulfills your desires.

With the R2, you’ll pocket pleasure in full HD securely broadcast with dual-spill and H.264 compression to optimize bandwidth usage on your network. Gifted motion alerts grant accurate realtime monitoring. Sophisticated 8X digital zoom provides a closeup on small honest points. WDR + LBR enhance balance and effortlessness. Powerful IR-LEDs grant night vision positive to 26ft. Large 110° angle keeps the proceedings in-form. Camera includes free APP (iOS/Apparatus) and chains IEEE 802.11n 2G band WiFi and dual system backing. Versus any IP camera, WiFI wireless wellbeing camera system, before CCTV home wellbeing camera system, the R2 offers a extra keystone of professional feature + regard in the home monitoring and CCTV industries (annotation: this is an surrounded by camera, save pro we have outdoor wellbeing camera models such as the FI9900P as well which can be compared with strong competitor models such as the Arlo Smart Wellbeing Camera). With unsurpassed performance regard – counting a full 2-year USA Warranty – you can pocket pleasure in peace of mind about your hold as well as the equipment you tenderness.

Package Surrounded by: Foscam R2 | Wellbeing Camera Wireless Mast | Mounting Bracket | Power Give / Wellbeing Camera Adapter | Quick Bed in Handbook | Blue-collar | 2-Year USA WarrantyPlug and Mess about complex provided by the Foscam app (iOS/Apparatus). Remotely access your wellbeing camera feed, motion actions, and recordings to pocket pleasure in peace of mind from everyplace. Ultra slim point makes the Foscam R2 shiny and not easily seen in your home: this IP camera body is nearly 20% smaller than chief competitor models with pan/roll/zoom.
Stuck-positive video feature compared to habitual CCTV and home wellbeing camera systems: 1080P FHD resolution @ 25fps plus a 110° large viewing angle and 13 IR-LEDs (pro night vision positive to 26 feet) allocate pro a super clear persona 24/7.
Well so far to be WDR: Involuntarily corrects foggy faces under strong before gray light. Ambarella chipset and LBR encoding make sure a stuck-positive experience. Disparate the Arlo Smart Wellbeing Camera and others, our camera combines brilliant persona feature with full PTZ control (annotation: the R2 is an surrounded by camera only, not an outdoor camera – pro strong options delight reckon it over our additional models such as the FI9900P).
Smart Technology: Motion detection and gifted alerts can grant real-calculate push notifications with captured images (Rich Media Message Push) via smart buzz while you’about gone. This wireless wellbeing camera offers whole convenience via remote access and control.
Enhanced Two-Way Audio: Distinguished feature integrated microphone and speaker reduce background blast and improve audio output. Our cameras are CE and FCC certified with UL amenable power supplies. Package includes wellbeing camera adapter and wellbeing camera wireless mast. ***Superb erect feature backed by a full 2-year USA Warranty.

About full honest points report Foscam R2 1080P HD Wireless Wellbeing Camera (CCTV 1920TVL / IP Camera 2MP) – WiFi Home Wellbeing Camera System with iOS/Apparatus App, saucepan, Roll, Zoom, 2-Way Audio, Motion Alerts, and Extra (White).


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